One Stop, Automotive Marketplace!

The Paloma Group is a collaborative automotive marketplace, bringing together some of the most unique and creative brands in the area. 
The Paloma Group was built by Kosoku and Drift Culture. The two brands met in 2023 and shared a common ground: car meets at La Paloma. After growing together during the 2023 season, they wanted to share their success and grow together with more brands that share the same mindset. Offering high quality, unique products that the community can count on. 
As of 2024, The Paloma Group has teamed up with 10 local small businesses, in hopes to make a positive impact within the car community.

The Original Plate Guys (Kosoku): 

Founder of Paloma Group. Your go-to spot for fully customizable vanity license plates. Made on-site and ready within 15 minutes, The Original Plate Guys offer North America, European, Japanese AND motorcycle plates!

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“OVERDRIVE: where car enthusiasts and weightlifters meet. We create bold, beautiful, car inspired pump covers for those who refuse to settle. Celebrating ambition and relentless drive, we seek to empower those in pursuit of greatness.”


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GloshopFX is your ultimate destination for top-tier automotive lighting solutions. Specializing in premium underglow and ambient lights, we are dedicated to relentless innovation through continuous research and development, ensuring unparalleled quality and excellence in every product we offer.


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Taylor’d to you:

Taylor’d to you media & design is a small print and media company that focuses mostly on tumblers. We do everything from regular tumblers to speakers to kids tumblers to even hookahs. Stop by the booth for live print and pressing where we can put anything on a tumbler! Everything is able to be Taylor’d to you!


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VEILED Artisan:

One of a kind, hand crafted masterpieces. Memorialize your car with a custom painting, mural or drawing. Check them out at


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Drift culture:

Co-founder of Paloma Group, specializing in high quality car apparel, decals and accessories.

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Lonely Drivers Diecast:

The #1 spot for premium hot wheels and other diecast collectibles and models!


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Silent H hot sauce: 

You’ve spiced up your ride, now spice up your tastebuds! Silent H offers hot sauces and spicy condiments to take your meal to the next level!
We believe in 3 things: Original. Local. Sustainable.
Every item Silent H offers has been crafted to be a unique culinary experience that is the perfect balance of flavour and heat.
Locally sourced ingredients mean we support our community partners and can deliver the freshest possible product to you without needing preservatives or chemicals!
If that wasn’t enough, all that effort doesn’t go to waste (literally)! Using the same ideologies and techniques of Michelin-Star restaurants to use every part of every piece of food, we are doing our part to show respect to the planet as well!


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