• IMPORTFEST 2024 | SATURDAY, JULY 13, 2024 | 11AM - 10PM | @MTCC

Frequently Asked Questions



With so much happening at the show, you’re likely to have some inquiries. To save you time, we’ve compiled a FAQ covering common questions.

Will tickets be available for purchase at the show?

Yes! Tickets can be purchased at the show by visiting the Ticket Counter, which opens at 11am. Please note that we do not accept cash at the ticket counter; only Debit and Credit Cards are accepted, with Mobile Wallet also an option.

I purchased tickets, but can no longer attend - where can I get a refund?

Unfortunately there are no refunds, but you can forward your tickets to a friend or family.

Can we leave and re-enter the show at a later time?

Attendees arriving at ImportFest between 11am and 8pm will receive a re-entry stamp, allowing them to leave and return as long as the stamp stays intact. However, after 8 pm, although admission to the show continues, re-entry stamps will not be distributed. ImportFest wraps up at 10 pm, with the last chance to enter the show at 9:30 pm. If you need clarification or uncertain about re-entry please email us at tickets-toronto@importfest.com

I already bought tickets online. Why do I have to wait in line?

Upon arriving at the event, all attendees are obligated to go through a security “bag” check. The Advance ticket lines tend to be busier during the initial hours of opening and then move swiftly.

Is this event for all ages? My son is 14 and would like to go.

Yes, indeed, ImportFest welcomes attendees of all ages.

How much are kids tickets?

Kids, under 7 are FREE

How long is ImportFest?

ImportFest operates from 11 am to 10 pm. Guests usually spend approximately 2 to 5 hours during their visit to the event.

What time are the attractions at ImportFest? Do you have show hours listed?

For event details and show hours please visit our website at www.importfest.com

Am I allowed to bring my dog?

No, only service animals are permitted

Can I bring in my personal food and drinks?

You are allowed to bring personal snacks or drinks. Please note that bringing food in for a group is not permitted.

Is this event accessible for wheelchairs and service animals?

Certainly, our event is all-inclusive. If you need any assistance, feel free to approach our event staff, and they will be more than happy to help you. Moreover, we have elevator access to the show floor exclusively reserved for guests who require assistance.

Do you rent wheelchairs or scooters?

ImportFest does not provide or rent special equipment. If you require such services, please check with the Convention Centre directly or acquire one independently prior to the show.

What if it rains?

ImportFest is rain or shine! We are the “BIGGEST” indoor tuner Car Show in the country!

Are we allowed to take video or pictures?

Absolutely! You’re welcome to take videos and photos at ImportFest. We encourage you to share them on social media by tagging us @importfest or using the hashtags #importfest and #importfest2024.

Can I sell resell my ticket at the show?

The resale of tickets is not allowed and will result in fines and legal consequences.

"Do Not Touch" Policy for Show Cars

“Do Not Touch” Policy for Show Cars

We kindly ask that you refrain from touching the show cars. If you are attending with young children, please ensure they are supervised at all times while inside the venue and not left unattended.

Is there a dress code?

This is a friendly family event!  Please dress accordingly and do not wear anything that may be considered too revealing or offensive to guests.  



ImportFest Inc. is committed to providing a secure environment where enthusiasts can fully enjoy their passion.  At our events, safety, security, and fostering an open, inclusive, and respectful atmosphere are paramount. We have a zero-tolerance policy for any form of misconduct.  Violence, mistreatment, or harassment of any kind toward our staff, exhibitors, guests, or attendees will not be tolerated.  If you believe your safety or that of others is at risk, please notify on-site security immediately. If you have been involved in or witnessed an incident that requires our attention, please report it to info@importfest.com

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