• Metro Toronto Convention Centre (North Building) 11AM to 10PM



The following INFORMATION IS for all exhibitors & show vehicles PARTICIPATING AT IMPORTFEST 2024 


ImportFest Move In Map





Exhibitor and competitor setup will take place on Friday, July 12, 2024, between 9am and 7:30pm.

Competitors, please do your best to arrive at your selected time slot  – 9am to 12pm | 1pm to 4pm | 5pm to 7:30pm

Due to the heavy downtown traffic, delays are expected, possibly up to 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on your arrival time and the congestion near the venue’s entrance. Please be patient and stay in your vehicles until our staff has escorted you to your floor location.  Drive with caution and at a reduced speed while inside the venue. 

Exhibitors please park transport/cargo vehicles within your designated booth space.

Parking outside of your assigned space, along walls, in aisle ways, or leaving vehicles unattended is strictly prohibited.

*All participants must leave the building by 8 PM.


To prevent overcrowding in the aisles during setup, please limit the number of cargo and transport vehicles needed. Those assisting with the setup can park in the underground lot and walk up to the show floor. Additionally, schedule your booth cars to arrive after your setup is complete and ready for parking.

Tickets & T-Shirt

After parking, please proceed to the ImportFest Tent to collect your tickets and T-shirt.  You will need your tickets to enter the show on Saturday, please make sure to take them before you leave setup.    Tickets will be redeemable for re-entry stamps/wristbands on Saturday upon entry.  Competitors and exhibitors have early access to the show on Saturday from 10 am, with doors opening to the public at 11 am.

Participant Window Decal

All competitors will receive a participant decal and t-shirt upon obtaining their tickets. It is important that you securely fasten your participant decal to the top driver side of your front windshield, ensuring that it is visible.   Vehicles that do not have a visible participant window decal will not be judged.

Parking in Venue

Parking outside of your assigned space, along walls, in aisle ways, or leaving vehicles unattended is strictly prohibited.  Please assist us in ensuring a smooth move-in process and minimizing delays by parking only in your assigned space.


The MTCC requires that battery terminals be disconnected for safety reasons, and all visible gas caps must be sealed with tape. Vehicles should not contain more than a 1/4 tank of gas.

Need more Tickets?

Each vehicle registration comes with 2 tickets – one for the driver and a guest.  If you would like to purchase more tickets you may do so online or on the day of the show.

Tire Shine/Food

The MTCC prohibits the use of tire shine inside the venue for safety reasons. Please ensure that your tires are shiny before entering the venue. Additionally, no outside food is allowed during setup.


With over 400 vehicles expected to be moving in on Friday, space within the venue is limited, especially for large trucks and trailers. To minimize wait times during entry and exit, it’s suggested to unload your vehicles outside the venue before accessing the loading ramp.

Our staff will continue to allow trailers into the venue provided space is available. When unloading your trailer inside the venue, please do so promptly and safely, ensuring that you remove your trailer immediately after unloading.  Once your trailer has been removed, our staff will escort you to your floor location.


To park alongside your team, make sure everyone arrives together. Consider assigning a Team Leader to coordinate with our staff for placement onsite and aim to arrive between 9am to 12pm (Time Slot #1) or 1pm to 4pm (Time Slot #2)


For teams consisting of 6 or more members, the setup of Team Flags is permitted. However, these flags should not exceed a height of 8ft – 10ft and must be securely fastened to a base. It is important to place the flags safely to avoid blocking aisles or causing disruptions to foot traffic.

Floor banners are not allowed.

Clean Up/Loud Music

Please make sure to clean up your designated booth space before leaving. This includes properly disposing of any trash, dirty rags, and bags. Additionally, playing loud music is not permitted at any time during the setup or show day.

Set-up will conclude at 7:30pm and all attendees must exit the premises by 8pm latest.

Don’t’ forget your tickets!  You will need your ticket to enter the show on Saturday!

I am an American citizen. What do I need to enter Canada?

American citizens, including American-Canadian citizens, must carry proper identification and meet the basic requirements to enter Canada. You do not need a Canadian passport, a Canadian visa or an eTA to enter Canada if you are travelling with a valid U.S. passport.  For more information please click here

Reasons you may be inadmissible to Canada

To learn more please click here

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If travelling via the Gardiner Expressway, please make sure to review the maintenance schedule to steer clear of lengthy delays. – Click Here


important:  cargo vans, Trucks & Trailers, 

Due to the congestion on the ramp during the move out we will not be able to allow cargo vans, trucks and/or trailers back into the venue until the majority of show cars have cleared the venue.  We expect exhibitor trucks and trailers to re-enter around 12:00 AM so please plan your drivers and move out staff accordingly.



The move-out process will begin at around 10:30 pm (20 to 30 minutes after the conclusion of the award show) on Saturday, July 13, 2024. The security team will open the loading bay doors once the general public has been cleared.

*This hold is to ensure the safety of everyone leaving the building, allowing sufficient time for a smooth and secure exit.

Please wait patiently and refrain from starting your engines or moving your vehicles towards the exit until you have been given further instructions.


Please refrain from revving your engines or keeping your cars running for extended periods while in the venue. Anyone caught speeding, two stepping or tire peeling will be banned from future ImportFest and MTCC events and may incur fines from the venue.  Any damages to the venue caused by reckless behaviour will result in fines and legal action. Please ensure that you clean up your area before leaving and dispose of any dirty rags and bags.

Move Out Notice

Every year, we remind all drivers not to turn on their engines until they receive specific instructions at the end of the award show. We reinforce this message through multiple emails and phone calls leading up to the event day.

Move-In & Move-Out Notices are distributed to every vehicle driver upon entering the venue. Additionally, an identical notice is sent via email to all competitors at 7:30 pm on the day of the show, serving as a final reminder.

We do our best to cover all channels of communication to ensure that all of drivers are well-informed about the procedures and guidelines for moving in and out of the venue. 

Last year, we observed that despite these reminders, a few cars did break the rules and started their engines prematurely while revving inside. Please do your part and avoid revving your engines while inside the venue as it causes unnecessary fumes and delays for everyone.   There will be a large crowd waiting for you outside, please be patient!

On Saturday, the move-out will start around 10:30 PM (30 minutes after the award show ends). Our security team will open the loading bay doors once the public has cleared the floor.  We can only allow exhibitor trucks and trailers to re-enter once the majority of competitors have exited the show floor. 

We expect exhibitor trucks and trailers to re-enter around 12:00 AM so please plan your drivers and move out staff accordingly.

Please do your part in reducing fumes inside the venue. Do not rev your engines while inside the venue. We have plenty of exhibitors and move out staff that will be dismantling booths so please be respectful. When exiting, please be cautious and drive at slow crawl as there will be a crowd waiting outside. At the bottom of the ramp there is a small dip & should be taken at an angle for some.

Last Call

Everyone must leave the venue by 1:59am with no exceptions. Any vehicles remaining past this time will be tagged and towed at the owner’s expense.

All left over booth items will be discarded.


Our media team will be documenting the move-out process, so please keep an eye out for them!  

Bottom of Ramp

As you near the bottom of the ramp, please proceed with caution, as there’s a small dip just before the sidewalk. Also, we kindly ask that everyone turns right at the intersection and avoids speeding or squealing tires. Remember, there will be a large crowd observing your exit!


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All vehicle competitors and exhibitors must follow the Rules & Regulations set forth by IMPORTFEST INC. and MTCC while participating in IMPORTFEST 2024.

  • In & Out Privileges

    Stamps/WristBands must be visible in order to gain entry or re-entry into the show. Anyone found tampering with stamps/wristbands will immediately be removed from the event. Unfortunately, lost or forgotten tickets will not be replaced, with no exceptions. The resale of tickets is not allowed and will result in fines and legal consequences.

  • Install/Repair/Service/Tuning

    Any installation, service, or repair of vehicles must not be done inside the MTCC. This is strictly prohibited and will not be allowed under any circumstances

  • Display Items

    Displaying flags, floor banners, past awards, or displays on the floor next to your vehicle is not allowed.  Please keep your setup clean!

  • Admissable Behavior

    It is prohibited to bring vape, alcohol, drugs, weapons or any other illegal materials into the venue. Starting your engine during the event is strictly forbidden and will result in immediate removal from IMPORTFEST.

  • Damage to the Venue

    Any damage to the venue caused by your actions, such as skid marks, residue from adhesive floor stickers/decals or tape, etc., will result in fines and legal action.

  • Battery/Fuel

    The MTCC requires that battery terminals be disconnected for safety reasons, and all visible gas caps must be sealed with tape. Vehicles should not contain more than a 1/4 tank of gas.

  • Fire Safety & Health Regulations

    All individuals must abide by all relevant local, municipal, and provincial laws and regulations concerning safety, health, and other matters. It is mandatory for all vehicles to have a quarter tank of gas or less, with no exceptions.  Starting your engine is strictly prohibited during the event hours. 

    Exhibitors with tents must have a 5 lbs ABC fire extinguisher visible and readily available as per the MTCC regulations. Fire extinguisher are available for rent at cost of $35 provided you order by May 1, 2024.  To order, please email your sales rep!


    IMPORTFEST Inc. holds the authority to enforce all terms, rules, and regulations, as well as any other requirements for the proper conduct of the show. All competitors are required to follow these terms, rules, regulations, and all relevant laws and codes. Furthermore, IMPORTFEST Inc. reserves the right to deny entry to any person(s)/vehicle at their discretion.

  • Liability

    IMPORTFEST INC. will not take responsibility for any losses or damages that occur during the setup or event day. All competitors and exhibitors are responsible for securing their vehicles and belongings and product.

  • Insurance

    Our insurance policy does not extend coverage to any exhibits and requires exhibitors to submit a Certificate of Insurance to info@importfest.com.

    Please request a certificate of Insurance from your Insurance company with the following requirements below: • ImportFest Inc. listed as an additional insured. • Dates of the show – July 12 to July 14, 2024 (includes move in and out dates) • Comprehensive General Liability of $5,000,000 • Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability subject to a maximum $1,000 Deductible. • Products and Completed Operations Liability • Contingent Employers Liability • Broad form Property Damage • Cross Liability clause • Severability of Interest Clause

  • Promotional Materials

    Exhibitors with paid booth spaces are allowed to distribute flyers, business cards, banners, signs, and related  promotional materials.

    Vehicle competitors are not allowed to market or promote any products or services, including distributing business cards and car show flyers, etc.

    No offensive language or vulgarity is permitted on signs, banners or vehicles inside the venue.

  • Sale of Merchandise

    Only exhibitors are permitted to sell merchandise at ImportFest from within their designated booth space.

  • Copyrights

    All competitors hereby assume all costs and expenses associated with copyright, trademark, trade name and any other statutory protection.

  • ImportFest logo

    Please note that the ImportFest logo is not to be reproduced on merchandise, including apparel, decals, and other items, without explicit permission. Unauthorized use of the logo is prohibited and may result in legal action. 

  • Video Footage

    IMPORTFEST INC. assumes no responsibility for any use or infringement of Vendors/competitor’s name, logo or any types of materials used in filming or marketing pieces i.e. event coverage

  • Forces of Nature

    IMPORTFEST INC. shall have no liability whatsoever from any cause beyond its control resulting from strike, fire, weather, lockout, civil disobedience, acts of God.

  • Move Out

    All individuals must vacate the building by 11:59am on Saturday, July 13, 2024. Any vehicles left behind will be tagged and towed at the owner’s expense. Any remaining booth items, such as banners, product will be disposed of.

    The move-out process will commence 30 minutes after the award show on Saturday, July 13, 2024, at approximately 10:30 pm.  The security team will open the loading bay doors once the general public has cleared the area.

    Please wait patiently and avoid starting your engines or pushing your cars towards the exit until you receive instructions to do so. Revving your engine inside the building produces unwelcome fumes.

    Kindly show consideration for the move out staff and guests by refraining from revving your engine.

  • Refunds/Transfers

    No Refunds or transfers. If you are unable to attend the setup but still wish to be a spectator, please email us at reg@importfest.com by 8 pm on Friday, July 12, 2024, to secure your tickets. We will email you ticket(s) for entry on the show day. You will need to enter the show through the designated “Ticket Line” with these tickets visible on paper or phone. Once inside you can pick up your Competitor T-Shirt at the ImportFest Store.

  • Outside Food & Drink

    Food is not allowed on the show floor during setup. However, on the day of the show, you are allowed to bring personal snacks and drinks.

    Please be advised that bringing food into the venue for a group of people is not allowed.

  • Dress Code

    This is a friendly family event!  Please dress accordingly and do not wear anything that may be considered too revealing or offensive to guests.   If you are an exhibitor, please share this dress code with spokesmodels and staff.



Our judging process involves a comprehensive evaluation of your vehicle’s overall customization, including all exterior, interior, engine, audio/video, undercarriage, and suspension modifications. 

We consider overall fit and finish, quality of workmanship, type of aftermarket parts, and relevance of modifications. Vehicles displaying high competitiveness in their respective classes will have the chance to place 1st and 2nd. In the event of a tie or very close scores, judges may conduct a second review.

While we would love to recognize everyone’s achievements, only the Top Two  winners in each class and “other” award categories will be selected. Specialty and Overall Awards will have One Top winner each, with Overall Awards also including a $200 cash prize.

Judging will begin as early as 11am on Saturday, starting in one section and gradually moving across the show floor.  We strongly recommend that you stay by your vehicle during the evaluation to answer any questions the judges might have. You can highlight specific modifications, but it’s not necessary to mention every detail.

If you cannot be present, we suggest you arrange for a friend or teammate to assist and provide access to your vehicle. Your vehicle will be scored as shown if you are not present when judges arrive.  Once scored, a sticker will be placed on your participant decal.

Our judges will review all scores to determine the winners. The award show will start at 8pm and conclude around 10pm, followed by the move-out process thirty minutes later.

If you believe your vehicle should have placed 1st and are dissatisfied with the results, please email us at reg@importfest.com. Do not approach the judges after the show to discuss your scores, as they are instructed not to answer questions post-show.

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Register your Modified Car or Truck for Top Awards & Cash Prizes at ImportFest Toronto



To order power please click the direct online ordering link below with Google Chrome to view pricing and/or order online. To take advantage of the discount pricing, please order online by June 11, 2024. 

When prompted for a booth number please write TBA if you are a competitor, and your company name if you are an Exhibitor 


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To rent items such tables, chairs, stanchions or fire extinguishers please log into your account and  select the items you wish to purchase.

If you do not have an account, please follow the steps below to create one:

  1. Click on the link  https://importfest.com/vendorcreate.php
  2. Create a Profile
  3. Enter your credit card information  
  4. Select the Event (ImportFest 2024) and the items you wish to rent listed under Registration Types
  5.  A $3.00 service fee will be added to your total

All booth rental orders must be placed by June 20, 2024.

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ImportFest Truck and Trailer Parking



Marshalling Yard

The MTCC’s new marshalling yard encompasses three acres of paved truck and/or trailer storage area. The site is located approximately 14km from the MTCC and is easily accessible from major highways (Hwy 427, QEW/Gardiner, Lakeshore).

The new yard is fenced, well-lit, and equipped with video surveillance. 

Address: 130 Horner Ave, Etobicoke, ON M8Z 4X8View on Google Maps.

To secure your spot, please complete the online order form and email it to docks@mtccc.com.   *Any related questions can be sent to docks@mtccc.com

or call (416) 585-8345



As an alternative,  you may also try the Bus Parking Lot directly in front of Gate 8 at the Rogers Centre (next to the MTCC) located at 305 Bremner Blvd, Toronto, ON, M5V 3V3. 

Here is a link to this parking lot – https://www.torontoparking.preciseparklink.com/rogers-centre   

All trailer parking arrangements and payments must be made directly with the lot. ImportFest Inc, is not responsible for any trailer/parking arrangements.





Currently, we are accepting vehicle registrations only for exhibitors who wish to register their “booth” car. The 2024 Vehicle Registration Package is priced at $145 plus a $3 service fee. This package includes TWO General Admission Tickets (one for you and one for a guest) and an Exclusive ImportFest T-shirt! Additional tickets can be purchased online or on the day of the show. Exhibitors can also register booth vehicles for $155 on the day of the show.

NOTE: You will be required to submit 5 images of your vehicle (front, rear, side, interior, engine). Multiple images can be selected and added at once. You can also add images by dragging and dropping them into the upload tool. Please do not use phone screenshots! Images must be jpg, jpeg, or png!   (Images must be 10MB each or smaller! If your images are too large, you can click here to use a free online image resizer to shrink them)




What is the last day to register?

Vehicle registration is nearing full capacity! More than 90% of available spots have been taken. If you wish to participate in ImportFest 2024, please ensure to submit your application today! Once we hit full capacity, registration will be closed. 

I have not heard back yet? When do you send out acceptance emails?

Acceptance emails will be dispatched within 5 days; if you haven’t received one by then, unfortunately, your application was not successful. For further details, please refer to the information below.

Why was I not accepted?

IMPORTFEST INC. has an experienced panel of judges that will review each submission against our criteria including fit and finish, quality of workmanship and parts and relevance of modifications.

Our selection process is a subjective review of your “images” and “listed modifications”. IMPORTFEST INC

How many tickets to I get?

Each vehicle registration comes with two general admission tickets.  One for you and a guest.   You will need these tickets to gain entry into ImportFest on Saturday, July 13, 2024. 

I am coming with my team. Can we all park together?

If you have a group of six or more cars, kindly arrive together and let our staff know that you’d like to park as a group.

Can I choose where I want to be on the show floor?

We will place your car according to our floor plan. We do not reserve space. If you wish to park next to a friend please ensure you both arrive at the same time.

What if I can't make it?

If you are unable to display your car but wish to still visit the show please email us at reg@importfest.com.  On show day please join the Ticket Line and show your registration receipt (printed or digital).  Your t shirt will be available for pick up at the ImportFest Store located on the main show level. 

Can I park next to my friend?

If you would like to park next to your friend please arrive to the venue for setup at the same time. Our staff is not permitted to hold space for anyone. We must fill in all of the gaps on a first come first serve basis.

Can I bring a friend for set up?

You will be permitted one passenger only. All other passengers must exit the vehicle prior to entering the building.

How do I get power?

Please email us at reg@importfest.com if you would like to order power.

Will you add or remove award categories?

The listed categories are 100% guaranteed. We may add more…

I do not see an award category for my car. Why not?

Award categories are updated annually according to competition and registration trends. Vehicles not listed in a class category will be grouped into an affiliated category i.e. Import Other. If you are not satisfied with the award categories please DO NOT register.

Can I bring my dog?

Pets are not permitted. Guide dogs and service animals are.

Can I bring my own stanchions?

Trade show approved stanchions are permitted. If you are unsure please email us at reg@importfest.com

Can I put down carpet?

No. You are not permitted to lay down carpet, flooring or any type of covering on the floor including tape. If you would like to rent carpet from our exclusive service provider please email us at reg@importfest.com.

Can I bring my own chair?

Yes, you are allowed to bring your own chairs and position them along the back wall of the venue. However, please refrain from placing the chairs next to your vehicle or obstructing any aisles.

Can I bring in my own food?

Food is not allowed on the show floor during setup. However, on the day of the show, you are allowed to bring personal snacks or drinks. Please note that bringing food for a group of people is not permitted.

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